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” The SURTYMAR Marine Training Center is agreed by the French Administration”



SURTYMAR Training assists you in all your awareness and training needs in maritime and port security.

In France and abroad, SURTYMAR runs maritime and port security awareness sessions. These cover four different levels of training :

  • Awareness for all port facilities personnel.
  • Training for officers who have specific maritime security tasks and responsibilities.
  • Training for officers responsible for security inspection.
  • Security officers (PSO, PFSO, CSO and SSO).

SURTYMAR is a certified Maritime Training Center (CFM) for maritime and port security. Its certifications have been granted by the French Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the General Inspectorate of Maritime Training. Its trainers are educational experts in international (ISPS Code, SOLAS Convention and IMO circulars), European community (regulation 725 and directive 65) and national regulations (laws, decrees and orders). In addition to this specialist maritime security training, SURTYMAR also offers its skills and experience in training Authorized Economic Operators as well as training in Security of Activities of Vital Importance. All our training courses can be conducted on the client’s premises or externally and always as close as possible to the client.

Advanced Maritime and Port Security (Capsup)

One to two-day course for personnel, officers, managers, employees at port facilities, ports and onboard ships with specific security tasks and missions.

Basics of Maritime and Port Security (Capelem)

Half-day to one-day awareness session for all personnel onboard ship and all personnel at a port facility.

Qualification as a Training Officer (Capanim)

This 2-3 day course is aimed mainly at security managers, in particular PSO, PFSO, CSO and SSO, who wish to run their own awareness sessions for their personnel as well as quarterly training and annual exercises.

STCW A V/2 course for personnel of passenger ships

This special training for personnel of passenger ships (liners and roros) has been reviewed in 2010. This training is now unique, complete and self-satisfactory for all ship's personnel.

It is a matter of training all personnel (officers, crew members and all embarked personnel) to help passengers in emergency situations.

SURTYMAR has been agreed by the French Maritime Administration to conduct the course and issue the STCW corresponding certificate. The lead trainer is Captain APPERRY former passenger ships master for 20 years and specific V/2 & V/3 trainer in the French maritime academy of LE HAVRE for 10 years.

The course last 24 hours over 4 days on board or ashore in the company office, in English or in French, on demand. The official STCW A V/2 full certificate of five years validity is issued and valid for liners, roro passenger ships or other HSC.

Training for Company Security Officers (CSO)

32 hours of training for officers, managers, employees in the maritime and port sectors designated as CSO at a maritime company.

Training for Port Security Officers and Port Facilities Security Officers (PSO – PFSO)

32 hours of training for officers, managers, employees in the maritime and port sectors designated as PFSO at a port facility or as PSO at a port.

Training for Security Inspection Officers (Capzar)

As part of the training for Security Inspection Officers, which is a prerequisite for access to Restricted Areas, SURTYMAR offers two modules of initial training (module 1: one-day and module 2: two-day) and a supplemental three-day module (module 3).

Training for Ship Security Officers (SSO)

21 hours of training for personnel with at least one year actually aboard ship, officers, managers, employees in the maritime and port sectors designated as SSO onboard a ship.

Training in Security of Activities of Vital Importance (SAIV)

This 1-day course is aimed at Defence and Security Executives, Port Security Officers, Port Facility Security Officers, and public or private persons involved in SAIV.


As part of a vast program to upgrade port security in Morocco initiated several months ago by the National Ports Agency, SURTYMAR has organized and operated numerous training sessions in maritime and port security. Under the sponsorship of the Director of the ANP, a dozen training sessions welcomed 233 managers of public and private institutions in Moroccan port security. These sessions were held at the port training institute Institut de Formation Portuaire in Casablanca. These were aimed essentially at training Port Security Officers (PSO), Port Facilities Security Officers (PFSO), and training security trainers. The most enthusiastic satisfaction levels among attendees showed the keen interest and full commitment of the ANP and its various security officers in meeting as closely as possible for the international and Moroccan prescriptions concerning this matter.


The leading Maritime Training Center for security in France and Morocco, SURTYMAR provides quarter-monthly PFSO courses at the client’s premises or on an external basis. Tens of courses have already been provided in Dunkirk, Paris, Brest, Rennes, Toulouse, Aix en Provence, Marseille, La Rochelle, Ajaccio, La Réunion, Papeete, Pointe-Noire, Casablanca and Tangiers.


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